In cases where the patient cannot reach the clinic for examination due to e.g. immobilization after an accident or illness – we give the opportunity to perform this examination at the patient’s home, hotel room or hospital facility (permission of the Head-MD is required!). We come to you with full equipment, analogous to the one used for testing in the clinic. We perform mobile EEG in Krakow and in some cases – other destinations. Contact us for more details.


When you need to do an EEG in sleep, it often turns out that children have a problem with adapting to the new environment and are unable to fall asleep outside their bedroom, resulting in unsuccessful examinations. The solution to this problem may be performing an EEG test at the patient’s home. The child falls asleep in his home, in which he feels safe and can keep all the „rituals of falling asleep”, which have so far helped smooth transition from the state of activity to sleep. The test is performed with equipment analogous to the equipment used in the clinic, only in the portable version

(without stands and handles). The quality of the examination is often higher due to the smaller stress of the small patient. We can also do this test on patients living outside Krakow. For people living in very large distances from Krakow, we suggest performing a test in a hotel / apartment in Krakow – in certain cases also on non-working days.