This is a basic protocol recommended for adults and children over 8 years of age. It is a record of 14-16 minutes of brain activity at rest and during stimulation. Standard stimulations used during the study are: ECEO – Eyes Closed – Eyes Opened – change in brain activity when closing and opening eyes, PS – Photic Stimulation – change in brain activity during flashes of light at specific frequencies, HV – Hyperventilation – change in brain activity during deep breaths. Total test time and preparation: approx. 30 minutes.

We are able to deliver an EEG report in English with all the international criteria met. Also, it is possible to receive a CD with the whole recording for your own specialist to see.


This is more in-depth EEG protocol. It is carried out after 24 hours deprivation of sleep. This protocol is recommended if a patient has had a standard EEG test, but it didn’t show any unusual electrical activity while symptoms still occur. It records 20-30 minutes of brain activity during drowsiness, falling asleep and possibly sleeping. Standard stimulations are used and then the patient is allowed to sleep. Total test time with preparation: approx. 45 minutes